Jordan Silver’s Tryst

Gabe was a hard working businessman with a teenage daughter.  Gabe did not think he needed a permanent woman in his life, especially not a voluptuous eighteen year old that was friends with his daughter.  But he could not deny the attraction he felt.


Brianna is a year older than Crystal, Gabe’s daughter; and has been helping her with moves as a cheerleader. When Brianna meets Gabe the first time, she knows she could lose her heart to him.  Brianna just hopes what Gabe wants is more than a tryst.

Ms. Silver has penned a scorching story that will singe your fingers.  You will be drawn in from the chemistry between Gabe and Brianna, and kept there by the emotional turmoil.  Has Gabe and Brianna found true love?  Or was it all a simple tryst?



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