Author Suzanne Steele

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This is a bio: Suzanne Steele is not a one genre Author. She will be the first to tell you that her imagination just simply won’t permit it. You will find that she does accompany different genres within these author’s page walls. Suzanne began her writing career writing self-help books. She then moved on to the study of criminology for suspense novel research that she was doing. (That research began 2 years ago.)   She did this for the reason that she was able to research issues such as: stalking, kidnapping, and the utilization of mental and physical control.Many of the men in her stories are often times operating under more of an obsession than romance or love.

If you are looking for the typical romance or relationship, this is not the Author to read. Many of the heroines in Suzanne’s stories are high powered career driven women. They are use to running their lives and careers and often times they go into relationships with a ‘game on’ attitude. Many of the men are powerful dangerous men who will stop at nothing to have the woman they have set their sights on. Suzanne enjoys writing suspense and many times she will weave that into a romance plot. She enjoys delving into issues such as Stockholm Syndrome. She is intrigued with the psychological aspects of the criminal mind and she is also intrigued with the professionals who spend their lives bringing victims justice.

One thing is for sure: by the time that you finish one of Suzanne’s books you will not just see the crime that was committed; you will see inside of the criminal’s mind, the victim’s mind and emotions, and the drive, along with the motivation of the professionals who brought the victim’s justice to pass.This is a view at my style of writing: The men I write about are Alpha males in every sense of the word. They are the men society warns us about. They are dominant males with controlling tendencies. They are the men you know you should stay away from, yet

you are drawn like a moth to a flame. If you are looking for a sweet romance, you won’t find it here. What you will find is dark passion. Many times my heroes carry what would be considered an obsession for the women they love. Each and every character I write about has demanded their voice be heard. I have been true to that calling, and I have stayed true to their personalities, which at times, the reader may not always agree with. They are dark, they are gritty, and many times, their love is dysfunctional, but nonetheless, it is real.

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