A FINE BALANCE By Bestselling Author Susan Johnson aka C.C. Gibbs





Susan Johnson is widely know for her steamy historical romances as well as her contemporary erotic novels penned under C.C. Gibbs

Susan Johnson nails it in her first romantic suspense novel, A Fine Balance.

You will get pulled into this story with the handsome brooding Deputy Sheriff Jack Morgan and the beautiful widow and mother, Jillian Penrose who has fallen on hard times.  Add in a big illegal drug operation, a smarter than your average dog, an orphan young boy and a meddling community and you have very intense and intriguing story that will keep you turning the pages.

Deputy Jack Morgan does not have time for romance, he has women to fill his needs and go.   So when he meets beautiful Jillian Penrose, widow and mother he knows he is in trouble when he can’t keep his mind off her.    But the murder he is investigating is tied to a huge illegal drug operation, and he is trying to keep his head.    Staying away from Jillian doesn’t work, and soon everyone knows he’s dating her, including the head of the drug operation he’s investigating.

Jillian Penrose is a widow with a two year old son Zeke.   Being laid off from her teaching job by cutbacks and fighting the bank over her home, a man is the last thing on her mind.  But when Jack Morgan stops by to serve an eviction, and offers help, Jillian falls hard.

Jack has a lot on his plate right now, taking down this drug cartel is a priority.  But what happens when the drug cartel fight back?  Can Jack keep Jillian and her son safe?



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