Walking the line between good and evil never felt so good! But now its time to face the consequences!

I received a ARC of Reign for a honest review by M.N Forgy.

I devoured this book in one night! I could not put this book down for sleep! I advise you not to start this book if you have to work the next day.

This book is about Zeek and Jillian. Zeek is the president of the motorcycle club Sin City outlaws! He is dark, and deadly and so hot! And Jullian is…get this ..she is a rookie cop. I couldn’t believe it. You know going in this, this relationship is doomed! how could it not be? im not going to give anything away though on what these two go through because that’s just spoiling it.. except one little detail that made me hold my breath. She arrests him! I had to put the book down because I did not want to know what happened next but I did. You will be holding your breath a lot during this book.

Jillian is a good girl with a little bit of a bad side just dying to come out to play! She knows she should resist Zeek, but she cant! He knows he should leave her alone! But he cant! They both know their attraction to each other can cause serious consequnces. All this combined equals one hot, steamy read! Not to mention the continuous adrenaline rush you will experience through out this whole book. My heart raced and I was very anxious reading this.

I highly recommend this book. Preorder it! This author does not disappoint! She give you everything you can ask for in this book. You get a ride of a life time, steamy sex, and adrenaline rush that’s hard to come down on. And the most important part of all… a ending you will never forget.




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