Life can truly be amazing if you can just let the past go!


Let me begin by saying I was not given a ARC of this book. This was just for pleasure reading, I fully intended to take my time and pace read. That did not happen. I stayed up all night till it reading this book till my alarm clock went off to wake my daughter up for school. But I strongly felt I needed to do a review for you readers because I don’t want y’all to miss this book.

Ok!! Harper and Luke! These two characters were a disaster waiting to happen. Both had rough times in there life. But once Harper met Luke under a pretty impressive situation, the game of of cat and mouse began. Her being the cat and him being the mouse! It was nice and to funny watching him slowly lose the battle.

Harper was just passing through his little town and out on her luck! Well I’m not going to give alot away but she ended up getting sucked in to staying and pretending to be his girlfriend. Their whole shame of a relationship is to funny especially when she starts calling him by cute nicknames. You will laugh so much, I know I did.

Harper has been through so much in her life but she was such a inspiration. She looked at all the good life had to offer instead of wallowing in pity and playing the victim. She is such a strong woman with a great personality. Then there is the oh so hott Luke, he is a Navy SEAL, and he lives in torture every day. And about to be deployed to Afghanistan. These two wonderful people where so meant to be. I couldn’t help but yell at him to just love her!!!.  Like I said you will enjoy watching these to dance around each other.

These two characters are not the only ones that sucks you in and hold you hostage. Their friends do to. And the community. This book was so put together, it just felt like you were the outsider visiting. I laughed, got angry, got mad, teared up, and fell in love, felt all hott and bothered! Got so sad and so scared!! So many emotions reading this book. I’m so glad I bought this book. And I hope whoever reads this you do too! I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on this epic love adventure.


For the summary and link to buy click here.



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