Operation Baby daddy ago!!!


I was given a ARC of Baby daddy by Eve Montelibano for a review.

Let me start off by telling you if your looking for real life situations and something g serious this book is not for you. If you are looking for over the top cheesy romance then this is for you. I enjoy fairytale, cheesy, laugh out loud romances my self.

I really did enjoy this book of Radien and Stella. It had its laugh out loud moments. And I don’t know bout some readers but when a character, either male or female makes me wish I can slap them and yell at them it’s a great book. I did this alot with Stella. She is is so self destructive and so cynical. The roles were reversed in this book. He was the caring and patient man that loved without hesitation. And I loved that. We women can actually relate to Stella. We are to hard on ourselves. We need to realize that we don’t need to be perfect or be the perfect age to achieve love. And Stella constantly battled this.

I loved Raiden has I.mentioned before he is patient and caring and loves without haste. No he is not a wimpy man.  He gets very dominant and makes her conquer her fears. And he had a surprise hidden up his sleave. And where he lives is like a fairytale place.

This book may be cheesy, but it’s packed with alot of emotions. From fear, to low self esteem, love, laughter and some parts that just make you so mad. Pick up a copy today. Enter Eves fairytale world.





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