Whats better than having 3 babies for a early Christmas gift?…..

I received a ARC of Lullaby by Anne Mercier for a honest review.

I have posted reviews of some of her other books in the rock star series. I highly recommend you read them first before this reading Lullaby. Like I have said before

Anne Merciefr did not disappoint with Lullaby. This book was about Jessie and Lucy having their babies!. Who does not love babies.And I loved the fact that these babies where everyone’s, not just mom and dad’s, no everyone claimed theae babies, especially my man Xander. Anne Mercier really knows how to spin a family oriented book. And that is one thing I love about these books, they are about family. They stick together and help when needed. Oh man I was emotional readings this little book because the author didn’t just throw together a book to pass your time, no she wrote a whole different world where you can help but get sucked in and never want to leave. When something funny happens you laugh with them, when one of them hurt you hurt.

Again you get a little of all the hott characters in this book. Jessie and Lucy, and Sera and Cage and Ben and Nichols and Xander all of them. So don’t worry you get your fix on all them.

This book is a perfect read for the Holidays. I’m going to read it again closer to Christmas. Pick it up today if you have not already. Don’t you wanna see if the babies are making Jessie stupid with worry. Or if karma ended up giving him 3 little girls?



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