After years of all the struggle you put on your heart, hard choices have to be made in order to just live! To be free! To love!

IMG_180420468953146I received a ARC of Making Choices by Kylie Hillman for a honest review!

This review is for Making Choices but before I began let me first start out by saying that the author has been hiding from us for to long.  I mean after reading her first two books I’m looking foward to her books in the future. I can not get over how amazing her first two books are. It’s like you are right there in the mix of everything. So much adventure, you literally get the adrenaline rush. And you get to watch two very wonderful couples fall in love. But as you know that with all love there also comes pain. So much pain! And there my friends is where these stories grab you in!

Making Choices is just what the book is about. It’s about wether or not you are ready to live your own life! Or start following heart! Wether it’s worth taking some bad with all the good. Should you or should you not keep quiet. Should you take a chance on someone knowing everyone else won’t approve. Should you let your heart finally take a rest after years of hardships and turmoils.

Timber and JJ are so much the opposite of each other. Daddy’s girl living in his world and trying to make him proud. She is a doctor who helps people.  Timber a man who has been burned but also has his heart in a conflict over another woman. He also kills people for his club.  While these two try to find the right path and also work on their relationship, they get hit with other obstacles that make it even more difficult for them. Both JJ and Timber are strong and stubborn which you know causes even more struggle.

If you don’t already know, Timber is in a motorcycle club. And as we all know how freaking hot that is we also know how dangerous it is. And that is something JJ is struggling with more than fighting her desire for Timber.

I highly recommend getting the first book before this book to fully understand everything that is going on. Both books are packed with dangerous adventues and scary situations. And just to warn you these books also contain some dark situations that you may not find comfortable reading. Grab these books today, if you don’t then you really are missing out on one of the greatest reads of 2015.

Did I forget to mention how hot these books are. Of course it does have something to do with some hott badass bikers.

Summary of Making Choices!

He kills; she heals. How do you choose heart or head?

From the outside, It appears that Juliette Patrice has the perfect life. Her career is her number one priority, matched only by her desire to fulfill her parents enormous expectations.

Lucas ‘Timber’ Blake is sergeant-At-Arms of the Black Shamrocks MC. A violent man who cares only for his club and his family, he’s wrong for Juliette in every logical way.

Still dealing with the fallout from the explosive events earlier in the year , Lucas is tested further when Juliette is dragged into the middle of the war between rival clubs. A war that’s already had fatal consequences.

Common sense tells her to run. Her emotions compel her to stay. The time has arrived for Juliette to begin Making Choices!





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