When you come face to face with a savage, a beast, someone so dark on the inside..you should run! But you dont!!!!

IMG_426359951484708I received a ARC of Roayl Savage by Victoria Ashley for a honest review.


I have many favorite books, one I recommend to people all the time when they ask me what they should read. That book has now been replaced by Royal Savage.


If I could sit down and talk to you in person about this book, you would be a my house all day. I can not express to you how emotional this book is. My heart went out to Royal! He has suffered so much pain in his life. (I’m not revealing what he went through) He became a monster inside and always thought the worst of himself. Until he meets Avalon. Of course she sees he is killer sexy! But she sees his pain and then gets to see what he is capable of. She wants him like she has never wanted a man. And he don’t know if he can love another woman. It’s a struggle reading this book. You will need to take a few breathers. But it is worth the tears and the anxiety!


And just when I didn’t think this book could get any better, Victoria Ashley brought out the big guns at end and freaking took me way by surprise. I cried again and just could not believe what wonderful ending she had in store for us. I was for sure I was going to be forever mad at Royal.

You get every emotion in this book. You need to grab this book up, I’m 100% positive you will not be disappointed. As soon as I can get my hands on the paperback this book will be on my self. So do yourself a favor and grab this book it really worth going through the emotional rollar coaster. Oh and did I mention how extremely sexy Royal is. He will push out every other book boyfriend you have out of your mind.




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