Life really is never for certain, you dont now what tomorrow will bring. So show your love like today is your last!

IMG_941650788397I was given a ARC of Ballad by Anne Mercier for a honest review.

Let me start out by telling you she sent me all the books in this Rock star series that is out so far. I have never really loved rock star books, there has only ever been one series that I liked besides these books. I did not like these books….I loved them!!! This review in on book 5 on Ben Kingston ( Jesse’s brother) and Nicole.

I loved Ben and Coleys story. If you have not read the books so far before this book, Coley is The Blush baby for the band. She has cancer and her life has not been all that great. But she truly is a amazing person for what she has endured in her life. And very young. Ben loves her but has some issues with wanting to tie her down while she is so young. Oh it was so frustrating and funny watching these two try to avoid each other. I have loved Ben since the first book but he made me so mad a him in his book. But like all men he just had to be set straight.

This is a very emotional story. Because it’s not all hearts and flowers and living the dream. Like I mentioned Coley has cancer and she takes a turn for the worst. I advise you to have some tissues handy before you start this book. And be prepared to like then hate the fall completely in love with Ben.

I mentioned in my review of Falling Down that it’s not just about these two main characters. You still get to enjoy all of your favorite characters in this book like the others. And I meet a new hottie Lucien! Omg!.I didn’t think anyone could Come close to my love of Xander but he did!

Now if you don’t know this about these books I’m about to tell you. Anne Mercier put a twist in these books. These are not your everyday rockers, no, no these rockers are mixed in with the mafia. And that my people just made these books even hotter. I mean I can not even begin to tell you what kind of adventure you are missing out on. Don’t just buy Ballad, but them all. You won’t regret getting sucked in to the life style of the rich and famous and the dark and deadly.




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