Operation Baby daddy ago!!!


I was given a ARC of Baby daddy by Eve Montelibano for a review.

Let me start off by telling you if your looking for real life situations and something g serious this book is not for you. If you are looking for over the top cheesy romance then this is for you. I enjoy fairytale, cheesy, laugh out loud romances my self.

I really did enjoy this book of Radien and Stella. It had its laugh out loud moments. And I don’t know bout some readers but when a character, either male or female makes me wish I can slap them and yell at them it’s a great book. I did this alot with Stella. She is is so self destructive and so cynical. The roles were reversed in this book. He was the caring and patient man that loved without hesitation. And I loved that. We women can actually relate to Stella. We are to hard on ourselves. We need to realize that we don’t need to be perfect or be the perfect age to achieve love. And Stella constantly battled this.

I loved Raiden has I.mentioned before he is patient and caring and loves without haste. No he is not a wimpy man.  He gets very dominant and makes her conquer her fears. And he had a surprise hidden up his sleave. And where he lives is like a fairytale place.

This book may be cheesy, but it’s packed with alot of emotions. From fear, to low self esteem, love, laughter and some parts that just make you so mad. Pick up a copy today. Enter Eves fairytale world.





When secrets and low self cofidence are constantly thrown at you, can true love survive? Is destiny enough to keep you together?

IMG_625321697399383I received a ARC of Biting Point by Azalea Amy Lezlynn for a honest review.

Before I begin telling you my thoughts on this book let me tell you that this is the authors first book ever. I was blown away by how amazing this book was. I can only imagine how wonderful each book gets. This author will soon be a best selling author.

Ok! Biting Point. I loved this book so much! In this book you will meet the almighty Titan. He is so hott and a super alpha to boot. But there is so much more to him that that. He is so loyal. And he also is at war with his inner demons. He has a dark secret.  But he is definitely a guy that you can only hope to have in your life. Then there is Kadience. She is a beautiful size 16 woman with low self esteem and a horrible past. But Titan loves her curves and wants only her.

Titan – I’m going to hell for what I did, baby. Don’t go to heaven, come burn with me? 

This book grabs your attention from the beginning, and I had a hard time putting it down. It’s not just the two main characters you fall in love with but her friends and his as well. There is such a great romance to fall for in this book and bonus you get a a little bit of a thriller in more than one way.


I loved watching the wall slowly crumble away that Kadiance put up. I loved how arragont and confident Titan was. You couldn’t have matched two better people.

Titan- you aren’t suppose to be in my heart. How did you get into my mind? You went right through them. They bow to you. You defeated them.

I have never been drawn to the racing scene or thought it was hott till I read this book. And no this is not like that boring NASCAR racing.  I don’t think there was one chapter that didn’t keep my attention.  I was not ready for it to end. But I am super excited that there will be two more books on Titan and Kadiance!

Do yourself a big favor, preorder this book today. It’s release day is January 1st. You will not regret it. I feel sorry for anyone who misses out on this book.

Summary of Biting Point!

Legend. King. Lover. Racer.

Three – T rules the roads.

But this is no televised championship,with its own rules and regulations.

There is no pretty flags or Ser race tracks in these street races.

My lover races raw.

He races wild.

He races illegally.

He races like a God.

I began to believe such a man could never love a girl like me, but love me he does….all of me..and there are plenty of my fuller plus size figured curves to love.

Together we stand strong at the the head of his exotic car racing dynasty, but there is darkness brewing.

As fate would have it, regrets collect like old friends ready to relive his most agonizing moments. Dark secrets are awakened, whispering their threats or destruction.

Will they be enough to take us down?

The moment arises for him to decide who is more important..me or his brotherhood of racing league members?

This is where our legacy with the world’s fastest cars begin.

We ride together…As one… Till the end!





Whats better than having 3 babies for a early Christmas gift?…..

I received a ARC of Lullaby by Anne Mercier for a honest review.

I have posted reviews of some of her other books in the rock star series. I highly recommend you read them first before this reading Lullaby. Like I have said before

Anne Merciefr did not disappoint with Lullaby. This book was about Jessie and Lucy having their babies!. Who does not love babies.And I loved the fact that these babies where everyone’s, not just mom and dad’s, no everyone claimed theae babies, especially my man Xander. Anne Mercier really knows how to spin a family oriented book. And that is one thing I love about these books, they are about family. They stick together and help when needed. Oh man I was emotional readings this little book because the author didn’t just throw together a book to pass your time, no she wrote a whole different world where you can help but get sucked in and never want to leave. When something funny happens you laugh with them, when one of them hurt you hurt.

Again you get a little of all the hott characters in this book. Jessie and Lucy, and Sera and Cage and Ben and Nichols and Xander all of them. So don’t worry you get your fix on all them.

This book is a perfect read for the Holidays. I’m going to read it again closer to Christmas. Pick it up today if you have not already. Don’t you wanna see if the babies are making Jessie stupid with worry. Or if karma ended up giving him 3 little girls?


After years of all the struggle you put on your heart, hard choices have to be made in order to just live! To be free! To love!

IMG_180420468953146I received a ARC of Making Choices by Kylie Hillman for a honest review!

This review is for Making Choices but before I began let me first start out by saying that the author has been hiding from us for to long.  I mean after reading her first two books I’m looking foward to her books in the future. I can not get over how amazing her first two books are. It’s like you are right there in the mix of everything. So much adventure, you literally get the adrenaline rush. And you get to watch two very wonderful couples fall in love. But as you know that with all love there also comes pain. So much pain! And there my friends is where these stories grab you in!

Making Choices is just what the book is about. It’s about wether or not you are ready to live your own life! Or start following heart! Wether it’s worth taking some bad with all the good. Should you or should you not keep quiet. Should you take a chance on someone knowing everyone else won’t approve. Should you let your heart finally take a rest after years of hardships and turmoils.

Timber and JJ are so much the opposite of each other. Daddy’s girl living in his world and trying to make him proud. She is a doctor who helps people.  Timber a man who has been burned but also has his heart in a conflict over another woman. He also kills people for his club.  While these two try to find the right path and also work on their relationship, they get hit with other obstacles that make it even more difficult for them. Both JJ and Timber are strong and stubborn which you know causes even more struggle.

If you don’t already know, Timber is in a motorcycle club. And as we all know how freaking hot that is we also know how dangerous it is. And that is something JJ is struggling with more than fighting her desire for Timber.

I highly recommend getting the first book before this book to fully understand everything that is going on. Both books are packed with dangerous adventues and scary situations. And just to warn you these books also contain some dark situations that you may not find comfortable reading. Grab these books today, if you don’t then you really are missing out on one of the greatest reads of 2015.

Did I forget to mention how hot these books are. Of course it does have something to do with some hott badass bikers.

Summary of Making Choices!

He kills; she heals. How do you choose heart or head?

From the outside, It appears that Juliette Patrice has the perfect life. Her career is her number one priority, matched only by her desire to fulfill her parents enormous expectations.

Lucas ‘Timber’ Blake is sergeant-At-Arms of the Black Shamrocks MC. A violent man who cares only for his club and his family, he’s wrong for Juliette in every logical way.

Still dealing with the fallout from the explosive events earlier in the year , Lucas is tested further when Juliette is dragged into the middle of the war between rival clubs. A war that’s already had fatal consequences.

Common sense tells her to run. Her emotions compel her to stay. The time has arrived for Juliette to begin Making Choices!




When you come face to face with a savage, a beast, someone so dark on the inside..you should run! But you dont!!!!

IMG_426359951484708I received a ARC of Roayl Savage by Victoria Ashley for a honest review.


I have many favorite books, one I recommend to people all the time when they ask me what they should read. That book has now been replaced by Royal Savage.


If I could sit down and talk to you in person about this book, you would be a my house all day. I can not express to you how emotional this book is. My heart went out to Royal! He has suffered so much pain in his life. (I’m not revealing what he went through) He became a monster inside and always thought the worst of himself. Until he meets Avalon. Of course she sees he is killer sexy! But she sees his pain and then gets to see what he is capable of. She wants him like she has never wanted a man. And he don’t know if he can love another woman. It’s a struggle reading this book. You will need to take a few breathers. But it is worth the tears and the anxiety!


And just when I didn’t think this book could get any better, Victoria Ashley brought out the big guns at end and freaking took me way by surprise. I cried again and just could not believe what wonderful ending she had in store for us. I was for sure I was going to be forever mad at Royal.

You get every emotion in this book. You need to grab this book up, I’m 100% positive you will not be disappointed. As soon as I can get my hands on the paperback this book will be on my self. So do yourself a favor and grab this book it really worth going through the emotional rollar coaster. Oh and did I mention how extremely sexy Royal is. He will push out every other book boyfriend you have out of your mind.



Life really is never for certain, you dont now what tomorrow will bring. So show your love like today is your last!

IMG_941650788397I was given a ARC of Ballad by Anne Mercier for a honest review.

Let me start out by telling you she sent me all the books in this Rock star series that is out so far. I have never really loved rock star books, there has only ever been one series that I liked besides these books. I did not like these books….I loved them!!! This review in on book 5 on Ben Kingston ( Jesse’s brother) and Nicole.

I loved Ben and Coleys story. If you have not read the books so far before this book, Coley is The Blush baby for the band. She has cancer and her life has not been all that great. But she truly is a amazing person for what she has endured in her life. And very young. Ben loves her but has some issues with wanting to tie her down while she is so young. Oh it was so frustrating and funny watching these two try to avoid each other. I have loved Ben since the first book but he made me so mad a him in his book. But like all men he just had to be set straight.

This is a very emotional story. Because it’s not all hearts and flowers and living the dream. Like I mentioned Coley has cancer and she takes a turn for the worst. I advise you to have some tissues handy before you start this book. And be prepared to like then hate the fall completely in love with Ben.

I mentioned in my review of Falling Down that it’s not just about these two main characters. You still get to enjoy all of your favorite characters in this book like the others. And I meet a new hottie Lucien! Omg!.I didn’t think anyone could Come close to my love of Xander but he did!

Now if you don’t know this about these books I’m about to tell you. Anne Mercier put a twist in these books. These are not your everyday rockers, no, no these rockers are mixed in with the mafia. And that my people just made these books even hotter. I mean I can not even begin to tell you what kind of adventure you are missing out on. Don’t just buy Ballad, but them all. You won’t regret getting sucked in to the life style of the rich and famous and the dark and deadly.



Sometimes you have to stop leading and blindly follow!

IMG_187733723266686I was given a ARC of The Power of a Woman by Gina Whitney and Leddy Harper for a honest review!

Where to begin.. besides totally falling in love with this book I could not get over Stefan! I mean if there was every a time I had to faithfully follow and submit to a man that I really didn’t know it would be him. He is the son of one Mafia family leader and he is planning to make heads turns.He just screams power and sex. I’m sure he could turn even the most feminist woman out there submissive. Then there is  Jordana.  The daughter of another Mafia family leader which is at war with his family.She is dominant during the days, around everyone especially her family. But she lets it completely go behind the bedroom door. She is brave and she would willingly head into trouble just to save her loved ones.

I am a sucker for Mafia theme books and I loved this one. I loved the power that these two gain by sticking to each other. I livedDon’t miss out on the these two has the climb this dangerous mountain to achieve success.


Summary of The Power of a Woman

Jordana Albanese grew up in a world spun with lies, secrets, and multiple sins. Her father, Gene— reigning king in the Mafia for the last decade—never protected her from his underworld dealings— La Cosa Nostra. She learned at a young age that in order to survive in her world, one must be dominant. She wore the shield of control on a daily basis, but she deeply yearned to slip it off and dispose of it. Except, letting it go would mean letting it all go. And she didn’t want that. She learned of a compromise—where she could only let go of control in private, behind a closed door, while receiving orders from him. Not simply to be controlled, but to be dominated. The only problem was that her ambitions cut bone deep. Deeper than a belt across her ass. Deeper than the marks from the restraints he used to subdue and pleasure her. The permanent marks left were not visible to the human eye. They were profound wounds—scars—on her soul that only she could experience and draw strength from. And that’s where she found the perfect balance in the two. Her submissive tendencies served her well in the bedroom. While in public, she was every bit as dominant as her male counterparts.

Sometimes Falling down is good for you, because when you get back up, you become stronger.

IMG_267644592180407I was given a ARC of the Rock star series by Anne Mercier! This review is on book 1 Falling Down!

I normally do not like reading rock star books, most of the time they are to vulgar and disgusting. But Anne Mercier brought a unquie twist on these books. One that I totally fell in love with. So much I asked my husband to buy me the paper backs here and there.

Falling down is centered on the two characters that fall in love in this book, Jesse and Lucy! Oh how these two characters were just so fun! Lucy is a kick ass female character that is not afraid to be her. She shows you that sometimes you need to follow your dreams and not let other people’s wants stand in your way. Then there is Jesse oh my gosh! Dreamy, sexy rock star! He was doubtful man to me at first. You know where you just know someone will never change. And I’m glad that he proved us all wrong. He is what Lucy needs in her life. They are so prefect for each other.

Now it’s not just these two lovers that make the book! No, no, there is Lucy’s sister and the band members. I could not stop laughing! My main favorite dude of all Xander! I seriously suggest if you want a break from the brooding millionaires and sexy MMA fighters, you need to pick up these books today. Especially if you’re looking for a laugh all through book with some very steamy parts thrown in!


Summary of Falling Down!

I was twelve when I started crushing on him.

I was seventeen when I met him by chance and our connection was made.

Now here I am, twenty- three , and I’m one of two actresses in the video of his bands latest single.

Jesse Kingston is a tall, dark, and gorgeous temptation I’m finding hard to resist. It ends up not being as simple as doing a job and going home. It can’t be when he continually makes his presence known with his not – so innocent touches and sexy words. There is no avoiding him and after spending so much time with him, I’m not sure I want to.

So when he proposes a weekend together, knowing I should say no, I throw caution to the wind and instead say yes. I’m going to ignore the warning signs and do what I normally wouldn’t- I’m going to give in to my desire. I’m going to indulge my fantasies and give this sexy rocker what he wants and something he won’t forget- Me!

The only question is is one weekend going to be enough? Will our time end up changing this bad boy? Or will it change me?