There is nothing your demons love more… than finding out that you have a new love.



IMG_10482721718166I was given a ARC of the Havoc series for a honest review by Autumn Grey!

Before you read get very comfortable and have everything you need in arms reach! Because this series is to good to put down. I read all 3 books in one day! Oh where to start…. Selene is a character that I loved! And my heart hurt for her so much through out these books! I can see why the awesome author created Remington for her. She deserved him so much! And I loved that she was not afraid to model being plus size girl in a world where we are being encouraged to lose weight all the time. It’s being drilled in girls minds now more than ever.( I can definitely relate to this being a size 16 plus size myself). I loved the courage and selflessness that Selene showed through out the entire series. After everything she has been though with her ex husband she came out even more as a beautiful person.

And then there is Remington St. Germain!. Ladies, ladies, ladies get ready to swoon for the perfect gentlemen that he is in public and the sexy dirty talking beast he is behind doors. And the cherry on top of the icing…..he is one hell of a dad! Perfect package.

To me this series was not a story line done over and over. It’s different, non predictable, sexy and thrilling. Yes! Not only do you get to follow a great love story, you also get to be sucked into a non guessing thriller that will keep you from putting down this delicious series. I was sad to get to end of this amazing series because these characters were so lovable and I think I smiled and laughed from their crazy antics throughout this whole series. If your looking from an emotional book that will leave a imprint on your heart that look no further! Pick up these books today!

Summary of


Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again. After a painful divorce, she finds herself in Paris on a working holiday, hopeful that this Will be the opportunity she has been waiting for. She intends to have fun and maybe find someone to flirt with; someone she has been missing, what she does not expect to find is Remington St. Germain and his adorable son, Adrien. Remington is intense, devastatingly hot and a prince charming on the outside, but a dirty talking, insatiable devil behind closed doors- the opposite of the man she has been hoping for- and not the type to give up on something that he wants. Selene soon realizes that life with Remington is not only interesting, but adventurous. It’s dangerous, and she’s about to find out how dangerous… If she is brave enough to take a chance.

Summary of



Remington St. Germain is at a crossroads, he can either go after the one person who makes him feel as if he matters- the only person to ever calm the demons that roam his mind- or forget about her. The latter is not an option, even though there is a chance she might reject him. But, damn it all to hell, he will convince her. He has to. Otherwise, he will be right back where he was before she came into his life.

Selene Michaels stay in Paris is only temporary. She shouldn’t get too attached to Remington and his son, Adrien. But, Remington makes her feel alive and reckless, and Adrein makes her loss almost bearable. They complete her. She has a feeling there is more to Remington thanks a doting single father and her over protective Prince charming. Besides, the risk of being with them still looms closely and she will do anything to keep them safe. Sometimes life gives you a second chance. But what happens when danger threatens that chance?

Summary of



Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, especially in love. Remington has played that game before and lost. One thing for certain… Losing Selene is not a options. As the threat on their lives loom closer, he knows one wrong mk e and she might disappear from his life forever. The clock is ticking, and Remington is competing against time to save the women who is fast becoming a part of his soul.

But what happens after that? Will she stay, or will his past destroy any chance with her?

Love is what remains after our reservations melt away; when we let our demons come out to play.

Selene knows it is just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. Whoever is after them is after blood. Her blood. She should have cut ties with Remington the second she read that first letter, but that is no longer a choice. She has fallen too far, too hard, and she is in too deep, both emotionally and physically.

At times secrets unite, and sometimes they destroy lives. Wi the secret that binds them be enough to break Selene and Remington, or will it mend shattered bonds and make them stronger?







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