Fighting yourself can be a never ending battle. Sometimes you have to just forfeit and see what happens.

IMG_23770681766273I received a ARC of Unexpected Forfeit for a honest review by Sapphire Knight! Available On Amazon December 3rd!!!

I really enjoyed stepping into the lives of Jace A.K.A the King and Chyna. Watching these two dance around each other in the beginning was so fun and sexy and flirty. And I had to laugh at them because I knew they were both going to lose. I laughed and smiled so much during this book. Reading about Jace’s fights and his body was a huge turn on and you will not be disappointed.

And Sapphire Knight could not have came up with a better partner for him than Chyna. She was not one to make him feel bad for his training and she was not constantly begging for attention. She supported and helped him through his fights. She is a strong kick ass female. You will not be disappointed in this book. It’s a great read. But make sure you have some chocolate on hand this book will make u crave it.

Summary of Unexpected Forfeit!!

Every chance I get, I go to watch the local fights. I crave the excitement and the rush as it courses through my body, with the sounds of fists meeting flesh.

It’s not just the blood or the hard bodies that keeps me coming back each time, wanting more. It Jace “King” Kash and his artic blue eyes. He has fists made of steel with a body honed for speed. He’s breathtaking to watch in the cage. The king easily brings men to their knees, and the graciously helps them up when he’s finished.

Getting introduced to him was thrilling, falling in love with him, unexpected. Jace comes pounding through, waking my mind and body up; showing me what I was missing out on in life. He makes me realize what I could have and what doesn’t destroy me will eventually make me stronger.

Jace- illusions,life is full of them. my life wasn’t always like it is now, how it appears from the outside. I was drowning in drugs, gangs and in my brothers bad decisions. So I did what I do best, I fought my way out. I keep fighting, using every asset I have and attempting to get as far away from my past as possible.

Chyna enters into my life right as I’m prepping for the biggest fight of my existence. I wasn’t looking for any new distractions but she becomes my personal drug of choice, begging me to use her. Unfortunately, chynas not the only person that shows up out of the blue. When my past decides to go after my girl, it my turn to make it rain, to make it hurt.I refuse to let it destroy me this time, dragging her down in the process. I just hope she can make it through the last round beside me and not forfeit.

Once that bells rings, watch out, because I will come for you, I will hunt you down and fight to the death. I’m the King. I won’t be destroyed.



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