Coming soon by author Eve Montelibano… Baby Daddy!!


Renowned fashion designer Stella Rhodes celebrates her 37th birthday with a reality check. She must have a child. An heir who would inherit her billion dollar, hard earned clothing empire. Now in order to have a kid, she needs to get pregnant. In order to get pregnant she needs to have a baby daddy.

So why is she having this silly math? You see, despite her tremendous success in her chosen career, she lacks skill and experience in one department: SEX. It has been so long since she last dated and she’s VERY rusty. Uh-huh, capital.

But really, that’s the least of her concerns. In order to have her wicked way with baby daddy and acquire his genes, she must first find the perfect man for the job.

Oh she finds him alright. One look at him and she has to remind herself of her cardinal rule regarding this mission: she wants a baby. Just a baby. Period. No strings. No entanglements of any kind except between the sheets.

Trouble is, he’s only 25 and it was never her lifetime dream to be a cougar. Moreover, she doesn’t want to have a mega come back as a tabloid punch line.

Preorder today for only $0.99!!!! After it’s live the price will go up. IMG_267229738681430.jpeg


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