Living life a Hundred miles an hour can be dangerous! But sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind!

IMG_1993190455604682I loved Rev and Winter!! This book was hott!! I loved the fact that Winter did not stay with her rich fiance for the life of luxury! She wanted more. This book shows that just because the guy has the total package that does not mean he is good for you. I loved how Rev took a chance on a girl out of his league. Their is so much to love about this book. You need to get buy this book today.


Summary of Rev

Rev fast cars. Fast women. That’s all I care about, and luckily I have plenty of both.

So why the hell am I so hung up on Winter Galloway?

She’s uptight, snobby, and prissy. And she dresses straight out of a J. Crew catalog. Worst of all she’s engaged to another man.

I should forget her. But one night with her will never be enough.

Underneath the cardigan, her smokin hot curves match her saucy attitude. I’ll do what ever it takes to make her mine.


He’s the kind of guy I always avoided. He’s reckless, arrogant, and out of control. Not to mention, I’m supposed to be getting married to the rich,stable man my mother always wanted for me.

So why am I drawn to the bad boy and blowing off my responsibilities?

Maybe it’s his cocky charm and chisled body. His touch has me craving for more. He lives life a hundred miles an hour, and for the first time I’m excited to be alive.

I can’t help I’m about to throw caution to the wind!


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