Be careful of your chocies in the now! never know how they can affect your future!

IMG_93358082514843I was given a ARC of the Marked box set by Elena M. Reyes for a honest review!

If you are looking for a great series to keep you warm this winter then look no further! This series is full of steam. I loves the characters in these books. You have Talan Cox, a hott tattoo artist with his own yummy tattoos. He is a real badass dominant. He is the guy you will want to look after you. I don’t know how many times I swooned reading these books. He is not the relationship type till he meets Maya! She is sassy and just what Talan needed in his life. Some one to keep him on his toes. I laughed so much at these two characters and fell in love with them and their friends.

They don’t get a perfect story! They are faced with jealous ex lover of Talans, Janice!  It turns scary and ugly very quickly. I mean I hated this girl! I felt just as angry and scared as the characters did but then reading her book, I felt really sorry for her. My heart hurt for her life and what she is dealing with. It made me hope she gets something good in life soon.

Do not pass up these books! You will be missing out on such a wonderful romance.

Summary of


Talan Cox wants to mark Maya—with more than his ink. The owner of a prominent tattoo shop, he’s used to being hit on by easy women. Though “easy” is not a word associated with Maya when she comes in to support her friend. Flirtation ensues, but what will it take to break the painted man?

Summary of

IMG_93368212865308The day Maya Owens walked into his tattoo shop, everything Talan knew changed. After officially starting a relationship, he is now having trouble managing Maya— a woman who consumes every part of his being and owns his heart. His need to control her and everything around her drives Maya insane, but he has good reason. After all, Janice is still lurking around and she has a vendetta against his Bitty. In no time Talan wants more, and it’s faster than Maya can handle; things begin to get complicated. Months of frustration and want take them for a ride neither wanted, but now yearn for. Will they make it through the turbulence? And if so, at what cost?

Summary of Scars( Marked 2.5)

Abandoned. Thrown away. Invisible. Every single one of those could be used to describe me. They can tell you my story— my sad past—without a single syllable passing through my lips. I hate them— those who lied to me. They claimed to love me, but in reality they used me when convenient. My parents. Sister. And now Talan. Loving them has left me empty. Sad. Alone. Not anymore. Screw them. My love has turned to anger… hate. Now, what consumes me is the urge to destroy, to force them to see what they wrecked with their carelessness. My name will never be forgotten. Not after I have my revenge. His tears will be my ultimate retribution.





There is nothing your demons love more… than finding out that you have a new love.



IMG_10482721718166I was given a ARC of the Havoc series for a honest review by Autumn Grey!

Before you read get very comfortable and have everything you need in arms reach! Because this series is to good to put down. I read all 3 books in one day! Oh where to start…. Selene is a character that I loved! And my heart hurt for her so much through out these books! I can see why the awesome author created Remington for her. She deserved him so much! And I loved that she was not afraid to model being plus size girl in a world where we are being encouraged to lose weight all the time. It’s being drilled in girls minds now more than ever.( I can definitely relate to this being a size 16 plus size myself). I loved the courage and selflessness that Selene showed through out the entire series. After everything she has been though with her ex husband she came out even more as a beautiful person.

And then there is Remington St. Germain!. Ladies, ladies, ladies get ready to swoon for the perfect gentlemen that he is in public and the sexy dirty talking beast he is behind doors. And the cherry on top of the icing…..he is one hell of a dad! Perfect package.

To me this series was not a story line done over and over. It’s different, non predictable, sexy and thrilling. Yes! Not only do you get to follow a great love story, you also get to be sucked into a non guessing thriller that will keep you from putting down this delicious series. I was sad to get to end of this amazing series because these characters were so lovable and I think I smiled and laughed from their crazy antics throughout this whole series. If your looking from an emotional book that will leave a imprint on your heart that look no further! Pick up these books today!

Summary of


Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again. After a painful divorce, she finds herself in Paris on a working holiday, hopeful that this Will be the opportunity she has been waiting for. She intends to have fun and maybe find someone to flirt with; someone she has been missing, what she does not expect to find is Remington St. Germain and his adorable son, Adrien. Remington is intense, devastatingly hot and a prince charming on the outside, but a dirty talking, insatiable devil behind closed doors- the opposite of the man she has been hoping for- and not the type to give up on something that he wants. Selene soon realizes that life with Remington is not only interesting, but adventurous. It’s dangerous, and she’s about to find out how dangerous… If she is brave enough to take a chance.

Summary of



Remington St. Germain is at a crossroads, he can either go after the one person who makes him feel as if he matters- the only person to ever calm the demons that roam his mind- or forget about her. The latter is not an option, even though there is a chance she might reject him. But, damn it all to hell, he will convince her. He has to. Otherwise, he will be right back where he was before she came into his life.

Selene Michaels stay in Paris is only temporary. She shouldn’t get too attached to Remington and his son, Adrien. But, Remington makes her feel alive and reckless, and Adrein makes her loss almost bearable. They complete her. She has a feeling there is more to Remington thanks a doting single father and her over protective Prince charming. Besides, the risk of being with them still looms closely and she will do anything to keep them safe. Sometimes life gives you a second chance. But what happens when danger threatens that chance?

Summary of



Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, especially in love. Remington has played that game before and lost. One thing for certain… Losing Selene is not a options. As the threat on their lives loom closer, he knows one wrong mk e and she might disappear from his life forever. The clock is ticking, and Remington is competing against time to save the women who is fast becoming a part of his soul.

But what happens after that? Will she stay, or will his past destroy any chance with her?

Love is what remains after our reservations melt away; when we let our demons come out to play.

Selene knows it is just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. Whoever is after them is after blood. Her blood. She should have cut ties with Remington the second she read that first letter, but that is no longer a choice. She has fallen too far, too hard, and she is in too deep, both emotionally and physically.

At times secrets unite, and sometimes they destroy lives. Wi the secret that binds them be enough to break Selene and Remington, or will it mend shattered bonds and make them stronger?






Dont let the flames burn out your desire! For if that happens you shall surley burn!


I received a ARC for a honest review of Denouement by Cassia Brightmore.

Let me just say that by stepping into the dark series you need to be ready for anything. Don’t trust anyone! Be aware! This book is intended for ages 18 and older due to  very graphic violence and adult situations. You been warned!

Denouement was by far the most gruesome book I have had the pleasure of reading. There were times that I did not know if I could finish this book. But I had to because one genius thing you need to know about the evil author Cassia Brightmore is that her characters will not let you go. I had to find out if they were ok. Make sure my character’s survived or not! It was such a battle. I loved the romance part of this book, through everything evil they had endured there was still some love and good to come through. But you will not always like what happens, you will hate some of this book. And I loved that because I could not predict what was to come. Not even once! And I loved that and hated it.

Now the two main characters Aubrey and and West, these two go through hell. But they still come out stronger than ever. I would have called it quits if I was in their predicament. And the hell these two go through will give you nightmares. From what all the characters go through will give you nightmares. If you love a good gory movie and you like to be scared then this book is for you. Denouement will not disappoint your need for a good fright. One other thing … Don’t get burned!!!IMG_63825150985786

Summary of Denouement!!

The past and present collide in the final books of the Darkness series. Old enemies return and unlikely allies are formed when a serial arsonist targets the small town of Stockton Crossing, Louisiana. Working together with the surrounding towns of Durham Heights and Norton Springs. Firefighter, Lieutenant Weston Hunt is forced out of his reclusive tendencies to he’ll apprehend the madman.

When Aubrey Sinclair, the sexy librarian he’s always had a thing for becomes the next target, they are thrown together in more ways than one. She needs his protection and he’s powerless to deny her. With the chaos closing in around them, will they solve the puzzle before it’s to late? Or is their destiny to do down in a fiery blaze?

All bets are off and the body count is higher than ever in this explosive, maddening conclusion to the Darkness series. The final act is upon us – do you dare enter the darkness one last time?IMG_63879413853109






RAZE AND REAP….. Author Tillie Cole

These stories are definitely about Scarred Souls!   If you love scrarred, tortured heroes, with plenty of gut wrenching, heart breaking moments, then you do not want to miss this series!




Conditioned in captivity to maim, to kill and to slaughter, prisoner 818 becomes an unrivaled and unstoppable fighter in the ring. Violence is all he knows. After years of incarceration in an underground hell, only one thought occupies his mind: revenge… bloody, slow and violent revenge. Revenge on the man who wronged him.
Kisa Volkova is the only daughter of Kirill ‘The Silencer’ Volkov, head of the infamous ‘Red’ bosses of New York’s Russian Bratva. Her life is protected. In reality, it’s a virtual prison. Her father’s savage treatment of his rivals and his lucrative and coveted underground gambling ring-The Dungeon-ensures too many enemies lurk at their door. She dreams to be set free. Kisa has known only cruelty and loss in her short life. While working for her church-the only reprieve in her constant surveillance-Kisa stumbles across a tattooed, scarred, but stunningly beautiful homeless man on the streets. Something about him stirs feelings deep within her; familiar yet impossibly forbidden desires. He doesn’t talk. Doesn’t communicate with anyone.

He’s a man beyond saving. But Kisa becomes obsessed with him. Yearns for him. Craves his touch. Needs to possess this mysterious man… … this man they call Raze.

Fighting yourself can be a never ending battle. Sometimes you have to just forfeit and see what happens.

IMG_23770681766273I received a ARC of Unexpected Forfeit for a honest review by Sapphire Knight! Available On Amazon December 3rd!!!

I really enjoyed stepping into the lives of Jace A.K.A the King and Chyna. Watching these two dance around each other in the beginning was so fun and sexy and flirty. And I had to laugh at them because I knew they were both going to lose. I laughed and smiled so much during this book. Reading about Jace’s fights and his body was a huge turn on and you will not be disappointed.

And Sapphire Knight could not have came up with a better partner for him than Chyna. She was not one to make him feel bad for his training and she was not constantly begging for attention. She supported and helped him through his fights. She is a strong kick ass female. You will not be disappointed in this book. It’s a great read. But make sure you have some chocolate on hand this book will make u crave it.

Summary of Unexpected Forfeit!!

Every chance I get, I go to watch the local fights. I crave the excitement and the rush as it courses through my body, with the sounds of fists meeting flesh.

It’s not just the blood or the hard bodies that keeps me coming back each time, wanting more. It Jace “King” Kash and his artic blue eyes. He has fists made of steel with a body honed for speed. He’s breathtaking to watch in the cage. The king easily brings men to their knees, and the graciously helps them up when he’s finished.

Getting introduced to him was thrilling, falling in love with him, unexpected. Jace comes pounding through, waking my mind and body up; showing me what I was missing out on in life. He makes me realize what I could have and what doesn’t destroy me will eventually make me stronger.

Jace- illusions,life is full of them. my life wasn’t always like it is now, how it appears from the outside. I was drowning in drugs, gangs and in my brothers bad decisions. So I did what I do best, I fought my way out. I keep fighting, using every asset I have and attempting to get as far away from my past as possible.

Chyna enters into my life right as I’m prepping for the biggest fight of my existence. I wasn’t looking for any new distractions but she becomes my personal drug of choice, begging me to use her. Unfortunately, chynas not the only person that shows up out of the blue. When my past decides to go after my girl, it my turn to make it rain, to make it hurt.I refuse to let it destroy me this time, dragging her down in the process. I just hope she can make it through the last round beside me and not forfeit.

Once that bells rings, watch out, because I will come for you, I will hunt you down and fight to the death. I’m the King. I won’t be destroyed.


Coming soon by author Eve Montelibano… Baby Daddy!!


Renowned fashion designer Stella Rhodes celebrates her 37th birthday with a reality check. She must have a child. An heir who would inherit her billion dollar, hard earned clothing empire. Now in order to have a kid, she needs to get pregnant. In order to get pregnant she needs to have a baby daddy.

So why is she having this silly math? You see, despite her tremendous success in her chosen career, she lacks skill and experience in one department: SEX. It has been so long since she last dated and she’s VERY rusty. Uh-huh, capital.

But really, that’s the least of her concerns. In order to have her wicked way with baby daddy and acquire his genes, she must first find the perfect man for the job.

Oh she finds him alright. One look at him and she has to remind herself of her cardinal rule regarding this mission: she wants a baby. Just a baby. Period. No strings. No entanglements of any kind except between the sheets.

Trouble is, he’s only 25 and it was never her lifetime dream to be a cougar. Moreover, she doesn’t want to have a mega come back as a tabloid punch line.

Preorder today for only $0.99!!!! After it’s live the price will go up. IMG_267229738681430.jpeg

Living with the regrets of your past can only make you miss your future. Live in the now and love like there is no tomorrow!

My review of This Regret by Victoria Ashley!.

IMG_203116029541473I loved this book so much and not just because of the ever so sexy Kellen Haze. I really did admire Phoenix in this book, she is a very strong women to hold not only her life together but to try to hold her family’s together too. A family can only take so much heart break and hers went through a awful ordeal losing her brother to suicide. This book will have you in tears because you can see how much love their is for him when they talk bout him and share memories. Kellan was his best friend and her one weakness. And he disappeared on them 8.years ago right after her brothers death. Why? Why is he back? Will he stay?  There is so much you can learn from this book. Forgiveness, love, courage and honesty. This is not a book you will be able to put down for a long period of time. I had to find out what happened and what was going to happen. It drove me crazy not knowing. So many regrets from everyone. And the sex scenes are so steamy. You won’t be able to resist Kellan Haze. So grab you some snacks and get comfortable and read this book….. You don’t want to regret it!


Summary of This Regret!

Phoenix has been stumbling through life since her brother Adrics tragic death but after eight years, she is finally piecing what remains together. She has a nice apartment, a steady job and not to mention a fresh new ‘ relationship’ with her childhood friend, Kade Haze. He’s the sexy boy next door she never even dreamed of falling for, but can’t seem to stop the pull she feels towards him.

Just when life began to make sence again and a feeling of normalcy was on the horizon, Phoenixs carefully constructed walls come crashing down.

When walking into the tattoo shop one day, the last thing she’s expecting to see is Kellan Haze, Ardics best friend no one has seen or heard from since the day they found her brothers body. He’s nothing as she remembers him as a child with his wild messy hair, tattoos that cover most of his undeniably sexy body and eyes so intense it makes her legs quiver with one look. The one thing even she can’t deny is the instant rush she feels just by being in his presence.

But how can you choose between love and lust when one of these gold a dark secret, one that can crush your world to pieces and leave you gasping for air? Who can you trust when your mind is pulling you in two different directions, and your heart has to choose for you?