We all have our favorite authors. And here on this blog site, you see some of our favorites, like Jordan Silver, Elena M. Reyes, Shayla Black, Gina Whitney,51CmtuyWZQL._AA160_received_88349085506779849a86-11891985_1607606706162005_7304736164154790372_n51HD-aQYsBL._UY250_51-BPYnKmIL._UY250_FB_IMG_1439250177704Suzanne Steele, Jenika Snow,  Kristen Ashley and still  loads more we haven’t said yet.  But the thing about these authors are, they make you feel!  They draw you into their story and you are there.  From the “don’t worry, I’ll find her,and bring her back alive” (tears). To the “give me your mouth baby” (tingles) and last but definitely not least “grab the headboard baby and don’t let get go, or I’ll spank your ass red and have to start over again” (ruined panties).

Every one of these kick ass authors make you feel, to the point after finishing a book, it takes a minute to get back to reality.  This is raw talent, a gift ;  giving us magical worlds to escape to, or an adventure from a boring day.  What ever the case may be, we are grateful and we want to say “thank you”.  You authors are truly kick ass.


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