Looking to be seduced? Let me introduce you to Max! In Private Seduction by Lindsay Lake!

  • IMG_991675441490505I loved this book for a few reasons! This was a sweet romance. It was very real. Max and Sofia had everyday problems people face all the time. Anxiety and confidence. The struggle is real lol. I loved that this book was not over the top unrealistic. They characters made you laugh at them, be embarrassed for them and of course Max made you wish you were Sofia !!. It was sweet and I was not ready for the book to end!! I can not wait to read more from Lindsay Lake.

Summary of Private Seduction!

He’s a hot, young CEO living in Madrid, she can’t be alone with him. Sofia knows if she is left alone with this man, all bets are off. The problem is that Max knows exactly that. Sofia is what he has been looking for and he’s not about to give up without having her. 


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