Wondering what new book you are going to buy next… I’ll tell you! Bikers BabyGirl by Jordan Silver!

I received a ARC of this book for a honest review. I will add the summary below, but first let me tell you my thoughts on this book.

The love between Creed and Jessie is heart breaking and also a love to.. envy. Most people dream of this love.  If your married and read this book your going to smack your husband and ask why can’t you be like this guy or these guys in Jordan’s world. If your single your going to want to train your boyfriend to be these guys. Might as well just make them read Jordan’s books as a how to guide!  But seriously this book is a rollercoaster of emotions. You will get anxious, angry, happy, horny, surprised. This book is packed. There is also some very good jaw dropping moments. You will not be disappointed. Preorder your copy today. Enter Jordan’s world of Alphas and you will fall in love and never leave!!!!download

Summary of Bikers Baby Girl!!

Creed is an ex sharpshooter turned bike crew President, with a rough upbringing and the scars to prove it. Nine years ago an old drunk offered him his twelve-year-old daughter for his next pint. Knowing that as fucked up as he was he was still the kid’s best bet, he took the deal. He left her with an aunt he thought he could trust because Uncle Sam owned his ass for the next little while, and he had no choice.

Then his babygirl turned eighteen and shit went south, literally. He knew he had to stay the fuck away from her or she’d be under him before she could blink, but he made a deal with himself.

When his babygirl hit twenty-one he was taking her no matter what.

Her birthday was three days away and though he’d kept his distance for the last two and a half years he’s been keeping tabs on her. It was time to collect.


6 thoughts on “Wondering what new book you are going to buy next… I’ll tell you! Bikers BabyGirl by Jordan Silver!

    1. Absolutely!!!! She is an author that is auto buy for me. I’m so excited about Bikers Baby gir . Jordan Silver has gotten with a lot of us bloggers and Sunday there will a Bikers Baby girl Blitz!!! Here and our face book page too!


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