Fifteen years ago, my dad threw me and mom out on the streets. I went from a privileged kid with a silver spoon up my ass, to damn near homeless overnight. Mom was a complete mess, she never recovered, especially after the prick moved his new younger model into the family home.
For me it wasn’t the new sidepiece he was banging, it was that she had a daughter. The first time I saw her at the age of ten I was stymied for a hot minute, I thought I was looking at an angel.
those shiny blonde curls and the bight blue eyes, I hated her on sight. Eight years later when I ran into her on the sidelines of the football field where I was playing varsity, it pissed me off to see him there playing happy family when my life had been f*cked.
Mom was long gone, she died of a broken heart, and me, I was barely holding on. This game was going to be the deciding factor in whether I made it into college and stand a chance of getting out of the slump his dick had thrown me into…I played the worse game of my High School career. No scholarship, no prospects, I turned to the only thing that made sense, the streets.
Now almost six years later this a**hole tries to double-cross me and I go to collect, guess whose his sweet little houseguest? None other than Goldi-F*cking-Locks in the flesh. Let the games begin.

<A Sneak Peek>
In the room I headed for the shower to wash the stench of that b**ch off me. I closed my eyes as I soaped up my c*ck and saw those sea-blue eyes. I kept stroking as my mind played out a scenario.
Her on her knees with my c*ck in her mouth, her bent over while I f**ked her a*s hard from behind. Oh there were so many ways she was gonna serve me and I can’t wait to get started on each and every one of ‘em.
Daddy’s little princess was about to reap what the f*ck he sowed. I shot off at the thought of bending her to my will before switching off the water. Suddenly I felt like champagne and steak. “Why the f*ck not?”

“Yes Mr. Stevenson?” I gave my order and hung up before laying across the bed to contemplate my next move.


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