After reading a romance novel, do you think you are in a better mood?   Is this mood romantic or just a feel good mood; or does it have no affect on you what’s so ever?

For me, depending on the book; I’m in a good mood.  But also depends on how sexy it is, it can be romantic.  Mostly I read to get away like most and the HEA effect is just a bonus.


3 thoughts on “ROMANCE AND YOUR MOOD

  1. It depends on my mood what I read! So I am the opposite of you. If I feel in a good mood I want a light romance. Sometimes I am in a bad mood and read a darker romance.

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  2. No matter what type of romance I always end up in a better mood. It gives you that feel good emotion in your heart. That’s one of the many reasons I read romance to surround my self with positive outcomes and positive thinking. They end up making me feel more positive. And yes most books do make me feel a little more on the romantic side.

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