51gzdN7ooGL._AA160_I never would have thought I would like biker books, until Kristen Ashley’s. Motorcycle Man.  After that and others I was hooked.  I find as the years goes by, the more my reading is evolving.



  1. I loved Motorcycle Man! I haven’t started the rest of the Chaos books yet. I have read other MC books also. Sapphire Knight has some really good ones 🙂

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  2. I love me a badass biker hottie book. Especially the dangerous kind. I wouldn’t pass it up on reading ! That being said, in real life I would run the other way. Lol

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  3. Its amazing how far we’ve come as far different ideas for books. Bikers, Rockers, Dark Erotic, Paranormal and the list goes on. Where it used to be Historical, Contemporary and a few of others, but we’ve grown to where the sky’s the limit! I know my reading has grown too!


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