New Authors, Spreading the Word

If you’re like me, you love finding new authors. But sometimes the authors we love some readers might know about.  So in this blog, I would like you to post two authors and two books of theirs.  Please post only authors that are not already posted.    So let’s spread the word.  I’ll start with M. Never, just found last night. Book Owned.  And Ava Sterling (found through this site) book Her Last Fling.22816650her-last-fling


7 thoughts on “New Authors, Spreading the Word

    1. Haven’t read Owned yet by M. Never, either nor have I’ve 😀ever read her. But both yours and hers got my attention. And no problem you are welcome to chat or promote any of your work. I’m an ex reviewer and a avid reader, I wanted a place for readers and authors.


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