What turned you on to romance books?!

MWhen I started reading, you had your typical romance, My first romance was “Seen by Candlelight” by Anne Mather Harlequin Romance.  I ate those books up, Linda Howard, Diana Palmer,Charlotte Lamb ect.  Then I wanted longer reads, and I found Susan Johnson, Brenda Joyce, the late Beatrice Small and loved how they pushed past the closed doors of the bedrooms.   Then slowly the shifter books made their way in, now there’s a variety of genres to choose from, and I love it.    MC which is new for me as well as the darker romanc are my newest loves.    I am just glad that I had book friends to suggest the darker and MC and other types.    Word of mouth the constant hearing ” you should read this” finally gets you curious enough to check it out!    I love Alpha men, tortured or scarred heroes, and love strong and kick butt heroines! cf


7 thoughts on “What turned you on to romance books?!

  1. My mom got me started. She used to read the Harlequin books and when I was 15 I was bored and started to read one. I have been hooked ever since!


      1. I read a little bit of everything romance related. I like contemporary, paranormal, suspense, and smut! As long as it has some type of romance I am ready to read!

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  2. It all started for me when I read Dark prince by Christine Feehan. Since then I have always had a book in my hand. Now I’m getting into some dark romance which I really do love. Especially Anna Zaires books Twist Me and Keep Me and Hold Me. Then their is my love for all my dominated men romance novels. I LOVE a good dominant book. 😉

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