What are you reading?


Hi!  I was wondering what everyone has been reading?  What are some of your favorite authors?  What is your favorite type of genre in romance.    This past week, here are the authors I’ve read.  Gina Whitney, Jordan Silver, Suzanne Steele, Jenika Snow and Kristen Ashley.  All great authors and books are yummy!


21 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. I read a lot of Jordan Silver! With her extensive library, and story lines that go from high school, to bikers, to ex-military, and more, there’s is always the perfect choice for whatever I am in the mood for!

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  2. I’ve been on a Jordan Silver kick. So far this month I have read Brett’s Little Headaches, Bad Boy (the original), The Daughter in Law and The Billionaire and the Pop Star. I’m catching up on Eden High right now, Sassy Curves and Gabriels Promise is on the que. Having a lovely Summer, me a Mama Butterfly.

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  3. Sexy Beast by Georgia Le Carte, this past week I have read Gemma Liviero, Nalini Singh, and Kristen Ashley, my favorite genre would be both romance and sci-fi


    1. Ooh loved JR Ward’s Black Dagger brotherhood books. Love King Wrath!!!!! I just this past year found Jordan Silver, Suzanne Steele and Jenika Snow. The a darker romance and I love them. I never thought I would like MC books until I read, Motorcycle Man. That did it, I ate them up!


  4. I just found Jordan Silver, Suzanne Steele and Jenika Snow this past year. They are darker, harder more erotic and I love them. I never thought I would read an MCbook but after reading MotorCyc!e Man by Kristen Ashley I’m hooked

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  5. I’ve been reading books by Jordan Silver, Mina Carter, Milly Taiden, Eve Langlais and Celia Kyle. I like the sexy stuff, especially when it is mixed with shifters.


  6. Thank you for posting my book ‘Glazov’s Legacy’ on your blog. It’s readers just like you who make books and the authors who write them successful in reaching their dreams. I’m looking forward to your blog and seeing what you come up with.


  7. I love reading Jordan Silver books. BUT right now I am reading Jennna Jacob Seduced By My Dom! I love her books so much. I fell in love with Romance books when I picked up Christine Feehans book Dark Prince. HOOKED ever since.


  8. My go-to authors (in no particular order) are Jordan Silver, CM Steele, Suzanne Steele, Jenika Snow, Nicole Snow, Sam Crescent…. Right at this moment, I just finished Burning For Claire and a reread of Passions. I am hoping to find a quick read, because I have stuff to do and I need to read something as well.

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