A FINE BALANCE By Bestselling Author Susan Johnson aka C.C. Gibbs





Susan Johnson is widely know for her steamy historical romances as well as her contemporary erotic novels penned under C.C. Gibbs

Susan Johnson nails it in her first romantic suspense novel, A Fine Balance.

You will get pulled into this story with the handsome brooding Deputy Sheriff Jack Morgan and the beautiful widow and mother, Jillian Penrose who has fallen on hard times.  Add in a big illegal drug operation, a smarter than your average dog, an orphan young boy and a meddling community and you have very intense and intriguing story that will keep you turning the pages.

Deputy Jack Morgan does not have time for romance, he has women to fill his needs and go.   So when he meets beautiful Jillian Penrose, widow and mother he knows he is in trouble when he can’t keep his mind off her.    But the murder he is investigating is tied to a huge illegal drug operation, and he is trying to keep his head.    Staying away from Jillian doesn’t work, and soon everyone knows he’s dating her, including the head of the drug operation he’s investigating.

Jillian Penrose is a widow with a two year old son Zeke.   Being laid off from her teaching job by cutbacks and fighting the bank over her home, a man is the last thing on her mind.  But when Jack Morgan stops by to serve an eviction, and offers help, Jillian falls hard.

Jack has a lot on his plate right now, taking down this drug cartel is a priority.  But what happens when the drug cartel fight back?  Can Jack keep Jillian and her son safe?



CAPTIVE OF A HITMAN by Alexis Abbott


I was sent to kill her.”

There was one rule for this job. No witnesses.

Then I saw her. She wasn’t supposed to be there, and I can only imagine what those dirtbags had been planning for her with her gorgeous blonde hair and her deadly curves. So I did the one thing I knew I shouldn’t: I killed every a**hole in that room and I took her as my prize.

I don’t save people’s lives. I’m a killer, a hired hitman for the Russian mob. But I tell her to trust me, and I mean it. I’m not going to let anyone take her away from me. I’d sworn off women long ago, but I can’t resist her long legs and wicked mind, and every time I tell myself I’m being foolish, she gets down on her knees and begs me not to leave her.

I’d rather die than lose her and the baby I know she’ll give me.

A full length Romantic Suspense novel. No Cliffhangers/Standalone. Safe.


I SAW YOU By Best ßelling Author Elena M. reyes is LIVE!!¡!

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Title: I Saw You

Author: Elena M. Reyes

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: June 27Goodreads


Success brought fame.

With fame came money.

And money brought every single whore to worship at his feet.

Chester Green has it all living the coveted life as rock’s hottest front man—traveling, partying, and in every city, burying himself between the thighs of a groupie or two. He gorged on the perks for more than a decade until life became dull, and the taste of a woman became bland on his tongue. Nothing excited him. Nothing, until the day life literally crashed into him.

Arianna Garcia is tough, fiery, and doesn’t back down or fall sway to his charms. She isn’t a groupie, making the hunt so much harder and the rewards so much sweeter. His money and fame mean nothing to her.

All he wanted was to relax and release some pent up tension.

Now all he wants is her.

The chase is on.

I Saw You Teaser 2


Bodies grind—pulsed around me while I walked through the dance floor. Sexual tension dominated, fucking controlled the inebriated patrons while they danced to the latest club anthem pumping through its speakers. An erotic tango used to entice their partners. To forget responsibility and follow the member of the opposite sex home.

My heart raced the farther we walked in.

She was here.

I felt it with every fiber of my fucked-up being that inside these walls, a room bursting with people living and laughing, she was here without me.

Without me. Those words burned as I swallowed back my ire and pain.

We had it all at one point. The way our lives meshed seamlessly; the way our hearts recognized in the other that one missing piece. We were happy and in love, until I lost sight of what was important. Until it was too late to right the wrong she’d suffered at the hands of someone I trusted.

Fooled me.

Because of my blindness she walked away from me—from us.

Making my way through the club, I tried to avoid the flirtatious hands that recognized me. Heard the shit they whispered:

“Holy fuck is that…”

“That’s one man I love to bend over for.”

“Heard his cock was huge…I’d let him break me for just a taste.”

Vapid women that saw me as nothing more than a fun night: the rock legend that screwed anything with a pair of tits. The same asshole that, come morning, would disappear.

A fantasy.

Whispers surrounded me, made me uncomfortable. Last thing I wanted to do at the moment was play the persona I was on stage. Fuck them. Let me fucking breathe.

“Hey, handsome.” An overdone redhead blocked my path, her hand splayed over my pecs to stop me from moving forward. “Can I have your autograph?” she purred, the sound anything but sexy. Forced. A practiced maneuver she’d more than likely used to land herself a dick for the night.

“Sure,” I hissed out through a fake smile. “Do you have something for me to sign?”

“Here.” She giggled while handing me a small Bic pen, and I cringed. That sound was nothing like my girl’s soft laugh. Without an ounce of shame, she lowered her top to reveal her bare right breast. Right there, in the middle of that club for everyone to see.

“No.” Didn’t even try to hide the disgust in my tone.

“Please…” she batted her lashes “…I’ll even let you feel me up.”

At this, a genuine smirk bloomed. “Well…”

“What the fuck, Chester!” Ashley, cock-blocker extraordinaire, snapped. My would-be best friend was useful at times, I’d give her that.

“Sorry.” I grimaced, trying like hell to look genuine in my apology. “But you heard the lady. No can do.”

Before the redhead could respond or give Ashley shit, I walked off and toward the upstairs roped-off section. The VIP section of the Garcia’s club, Deseo, had been cleared and secured for the famous band wanting to let loose at their fine establishment. Would she still be as generous and accommodating if she’d known that the celebrity sitting on her plush leather seats was to be me? The same asshole who’d broken her heart, but after begging her parents, convinced them to help him one final time.

Provided them the proof needed; the lengths I’d gone to get my woman back. As of yesterday at nine a.m. the media knew everything.

A man who loved his female blindly, but let himself become manipulated by the industry. On the bullshit demands to always be someone I wasn’t. All I wanted was to enjoy her. Savor the newness of our relationship without the weight of the world—of my fame—pressing us down.

I’m sorry. Sorrier than she would ever know.

There, at the top, I stood and surveyed the room below while the boys ordered drinks.

The harsh bass and provocative rhythms encased the room, lulled everyone within these walls into a hyperactive sense of want. Lust. Sex.

My eyes scanned the room, desperate to see her. So fucking desperate, in fact, that I’d lowered myself—my pride—and stalked her best friend without relenting. Drove her up a wall until she told me where I could find my girl.

I only had tonight. Leaving, she was taking a small vacation to regroup. Escape from the memories that haunted her as much as they did me.

Did she know that I relived our memories? How I meant every single fucking word I’d said.

“This place is sick,” Ashley complimented the new hot spot I’d reserved for the tonight as she sidled up next to me. “Have you come here before?” Her tone held amusement, something that boiled my blood.

Flexing my hands, I breathed in deep through my nose before answering her. “The owner is a close friend. Amazing person.” She’d done enough to put me in this situation. I wasn’t about to let her off easily. Funny, Ashley sure as hell wouldn’t be sitting here looking so smug if she knew the real reason I’d brought her here.

With furrowed brows, she eyed me shrewdly. “He or she?”

My answer? I raised a brow and turned my attention back toward the dance floor, trying like hell to find her. Those curves I’d memorized while I enjoyed her body. To catch a flash of the soft, light brown hair I loved to wrap around my fist while I dominated her much smaller form.

My girl wouldn’t be made to feel second to no one. Fuck and no.

A song she loved came on, and I chuckled low. “Of course.” How many times had I complained about her love of pop music? Now, I’d give my fucking soul just to hear her sing once more, off key and all.

“Did you say something?” Ashley asked between sips of her drink. I ignored her and continued my search.

“Hey, C., isn’t that Ari down there?” Rick yelled over the music, and every head in our group turned. My eyes zeroed in on her, and my chest constricted. From head to toe, I categorized every fucking inch of her body. Admired the way the low-cut, black-halter dress she wore accentuated her every curve.

“Fuck,” Cris hissed out, and for a fraction of a second, I turned his way. Was enough for me to see the way his vision hardened. How he followed with great interest the direction my girl was in. “I think we should leave.”

His words were harsh, but just below the surface there was also a small tinge of worry.

And so I turned. Like a perverse masochist, I watched as Arianna was led onto the dance floor by some unworthy asshole. How he spoke into her ear. How she threw her head back, laughing at something he’d said.

There was no other way to describe the sounds that emitted from the back of my throat. Loud. Angry. Hurt. An agonized growl that caused the two strangers a few steps away from me to move back a bit.

“Motherfucker’s dead.” Muscles coiled tight, I took in a few deep breaths while a red haze overflowed my vision. Nothing good would come out of me flying over to them in a bout of rage. She’d never forgive me.

“Chester,” Ashley cooed while placing her hand on my chest—a touch meant to calm and sooth the angry beast within me. It had the opposite effect.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” I snapped, the storm of emotions brewing within causing me to lash out. Anger spiking, I threw her hand roughly off my chest. It’s because of her bullshit that I was in this mess.

She moved back a bit, a look of fear in her eyes. Not that it lasted long; bitch was persistent and leaned in again. “Cheetos,” she hummed, and I bristled at the childhood name. “Don’t be mad, baby. She’s moved on…look.” Her hand pulled my face to look toward them. “Ari—” Ashley trailed off when I turned my glare on her for a brief moment.

Enough to shut her the fuck up, and then I turned to watch the woman I had lost in the arms of another.

The jackass dancing with my girl pulled her in close as a slow song began. Her smile, sweet and innocent, was blinding. A woman who seemed to be enjoying herself, but they didn’t know her as I did.

Those emerald green eyes gave her away.

I rushed toward her before my boys could stop me.

Heard the yells of my name.

Ashley screamed for me not to do this.

It was too late.

Enough of this shit.

No more waiting.

Arianna Garcia was fucked.

I Saw You Teaser 3

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I Saw You Teaser

About the Author


Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.
As a small child, she was always intrigued with all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned.
Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting her characters grow.

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Loveless by N. Isabelle Blanco is Live!



One night.
An agreement.
The obsession that ensues . . .

He told me he only wanted sex with me.
I’ve agreed to his terms.
Elijah will be my first lover—I’ll let him have my virginity.

But I won’t give him anything other than that.

She was supposed to be one of many.
My greatest conquest yet.
But she’s in my blood now. Inside my fucking soul.
It won’t end at just the sex with us.
I won’t let it.



‪Amazon: http://amzn.to/1rDr761

B&N http://bit.ly/1T7mXg1

iBooks http://apple.co/1ZxKecw

Kobo http://bit.ly/1UNjoxV

CORD by Best selling Author Jordan Silver is live!!



Cord is the silent type, at least to the outside world he is. But beneath his stern exterior and remote ways beats the heart of a true Dom. Even as his brothers were pairing off with the new women in their lives, he knew that wasn’t for him. There’s no way he’d ever find a woman in the quaint little town willing to put up with his needs.

And then she walked through the gates of his home and everything changed.Everything about her was wrong. She was too young, too inexperienced, too soft and petite, but so beautiful she took his breath away. Everything he wanted but could, should, never have.

Then she mouthed off at him and he said to hell with it; he was taking her at all cost. With the first words out of her mouth he was already plotting her complete and total domination.

The whole crew is back in this complete novel with one new addition. Meet Hank Mancini from Catch Me If You Can Mancini’s Way.

Buy Cord by Jordan Silver here:  http://amzn.to/1O6Y6D8




¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• Waiting for Cord to come out? •♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸
Why not read the rest of Jordan Silver’s Seal Team 7 series to get ready for all the hotness that is Cord? Here are the links
Seal Team 7 Series:
SEAL TEAM SEVEN Books 1-3: Connor, Logan, Zak:http://amzn.to/1O0cqgG
CONNOR (SEAL Team Seven) Book 1: http://amzn.to/1PhD8Fu
LOGAN SEAL Team Seven (Book 2): http://amzn.to/1nTIf5u
ZAK SEAL Team Seven Book 3: http://amzn.to/1UZ2LN1
SEAL Team Seven Tyler: Book 4: http://amzn.to/1nTvibL
#Preorder now available for Cord!!  http://amzn.to/1O6Y6D8

Walking the line between good and evil never felt so good! But now its time to face the consequences!

I received a ARC of Reign for a honest review by M.N Forgy.

I devoured this book in one night! I could not put this book down for sleep! I advise you not to start this book if you have to work the next day.

This book is about Zeek and Jillian. Zeek is the president of the motorcycle club Sin City outlaws! He is dark, and deadly and so hot! And Jullian is…get this ..she is a rookie cop. I couldn’t believe it. You know going in this, this relationship is doomed! how could it not be? im not going to give anything away though on what these two go through because that’s just spoiling it.. except one little detail that made me hold my breath. She arrests him! I had to put the book down because I did not want to know what happened next but I did. You will be holding your breath a lot during this book.

Jillian is a good girl with a little bit of a bad side just dying to come out to play! She knows she should resist Zeek, but she cant! He knows he should leave her alone! But he cant! They both know their attraction to each other can cause serious consequnces. All this combined equals one hot, steamy read! Not to mention the continuous adrenaline rush you will experience through out this whole book. My heart raced and I was very anxious reading this.

I highly recommend this book. Preorder it! This author does not disappoint! She give you everything you can ask for in this book. You get a ride of a life time, steamy sex, and adrenaline rush that’s hard to come down on. And the most important part of all… a ending you will never forget.





512nBnkyPLL._SY445_QL70_FMwebp_Nick Sebring has issues. Born feeling like an outsider in his own family, growing up under the shadow of a brother who could do anything, Nick isn’t that great of a guy. But when this culminates with Nick lashing out to hurt his brother through the woman he loves, Nick turns inward and makes some decisions about the man he intends to be.

And as he does this, he falls in love and truly learns the man that he’s grown to be.

When his love is murdered right before Nick’s eyes, Nick knows he has to avenge her. He knows how he’s going to avenge her. And he has no qualms using Olivia Shade to exact that vengeance.

Olivia Shade has grown up on the outside of her family too. Her problem is that they don’t want her outside. They want her all the way in, right under their thumbs. She pays the price for seeking escape and learns her lesson—she’ll never see a dawn where she wakes up free.

Then she meets Nick Sebring, and even as she fights it, the hope that died years ago starts to blossom. She can find love. She can have a man of her own. She can be happy. She can be free.

Olivia hopes while Nick schemes.

However, as Nick peels back the layers of all that is Olivia Shade, he finds something surprising. He understands its fragility. He falls in love with its beauty. He seeks to protect it.

But he forgets to protect his Livvie from one thing: Nick Sebring.


Like almost all of Kristen Ashley’s books, Sebring will wring every emotion out of you and leaves you drained but sated. I have seen a lot of reviews and was hoping to see one, where Kristen Ashley pulls out the big guns and asked you to listen to the song Stay Alive by Josê Gonzalez while starting chapter 25. If you have not done this, I highly recommend it. This poignant section of the story will come alive as if you’re watching a movie. Nick and Olivia’s journey is already a very rocky one. Nick feels nothing but revenge and Olivia feels nothing at all. Now both Nick and Olivia are learning to love again, when things start to look up only to fall. Nick has come a long way and will not give up, he’s just found his reason to stay alive. I thought I would forever hate Nick, but now I will always love him. He has changed so much since book one and for the good. He is a mini Knight to an extent, Which is hot. Can you imagine two Knights? But he is definetly his own person too. He took a hard road in the beginning but turned around and found a solid path. Once again Ms. Ashley has written another emotional story, and adding this song to that chapter increased the emotions up to another notch. Brilliantly written, Sebring is a must read.
Reviewed by Wateena K. & Katie Ankrom